28th ICABR Conference 2024

The 28th Annual ICABR Conference will take place from 11-14 June in Ravello, Italy, at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium

The conference delves into the critical nexus of innovation, agricultural productivity, and sustainability within the bioeconomy. In response to the escalating challenges outlined in the OECD’s report on food systems, the conference convenes to address the pressing need for transformative policies and technologies in global agriculture.

With a focus on enhancing productivity while fostering sustainability, the event explores multifaceted themes such as the role of productivity increases, the availability of technology for climate change mitigation, and policies for advancing sustainable food system growth.

By examining factors contributing to productivity declines, evaluating the impact of technological innovations, and advocating for policy reforms to incentivize innovation investments, the conference aims to chart a course towards a more resilient, equitable, and environmentally responsible agricultural future.

Check the website for the program and more information.

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